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Wild Oats Eps.#11


It’s just south of Virden, Manitoba… Naturally!!

Casually eating native prairie grasses and getting the taste right. Listen in as Thomas Hagan from Naturally Manitoba talks about raising beef and pork the old way. While also employing grazing management and utilizing low-stress handling techniques.

Keeping one eye firmly on the past, he is learning from Mother Nature about soil health and pasture regeneration. Raising healthy beef and pork is the most important part of Thomas and Felicity’s work on the ranch and it shows in his curiosity about the earths natural rhythms and the breadth of acquired knowledge being implemented in providing healthy food to share with their fellow Manitobans.

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Deliveries to Virden, Brandon & Winnipeg.


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WILD OATS - Episode #10

Manitoba Fiberglass and Vintage Camper Rally - St Malo Provincial Park Aug 16-18

Remember back in the day, when the whole famn damily would pile into the Ford LTD and pops would hook up the camper the shape (and size, it seemed) of an egg; and you would hit the happy highway for a long, hot summer of happy motoring? Me neither…

But the lucky ones do!

Manitoba Fiberglass & Vintage Camper Rally

The Manitobaville Podcast - Show #25…

Season 1 Recap, rewrap, seal it up, turn off the tap! The boys go back over some of the shows from season 1 and give you a whole new reason to go back and listen. And then, go over to our other podcasts for the full interviews. It’s worth the listen…

Season 2 Trailer…

Join us on the patio as we introduce Blair, our newest co-host!

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