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The Manitobaville Podcast - Show #22… Chris Burke-Gaffney - Talkin’ Jets Blues

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Chris Burke-Gaffney, live to tape and back again… it’s the Talkin’ Jets Blues and all things in between, to hockey and around the horn with the hits and rock’n’roll experiences of the last of the good ol' days to hitting the charts, big time!

We hear some good advice on anthems, too loud McPA’s and ways to move on to the second round with our sanity and the white-out intact, loud and proud!

The prediction will follow as a bonus episode, so keep your trigger finger loaded and your eyes on the prize (we don’t have one, but you can see Chris play with Harlequin on various Canadian dates, and The Pumps/Orphans on March 19 at Nashvilles on Regent)!

Welcome to the blizzard of odds…


The Manitobaville Podcast - Show #21… The Reveal - Bespoke by Lagioia and Klein

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The Fitting! It’s all coming together at Lagioia and Klein Bespoke Tailor Shop - we drop by for the final reveal of DJ’s bespoke suit and it looks FANTASTIC!!!

Nicholas has not only created a beautiful suit that fits DJ like a glove, but he has manufactured a smile that has not left DJ’s face from the first moment he laid eyes on it.

Listen in as we talk all things Bespoke with Nicholas Klein of Lagioia and Klein Bespoke Tailor Shop… 458 Academy Rd, Wpg, MB

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Making it takes a long time (some would say 10,000 hours to start!) and a lot of Manitobans have made it locally and globally! Join us as we meet them!

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The imanitoba Show

Manitoba’s premier business network for MK Global Trade members. Meet the people and companies that are Building a Better Tomorrow Today!

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The Keystone

Revisit the places and people from Manitoba’s past. From the naming of Lake Manitoba by the indigenous peoples to the abandoned building that dot the landscape!

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Discover the literature of Manitoba! Meet the authors and intrepid publishers, working in words, that bring the written word to life, and then to a bookstore near you!

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Meet the people who make your entertainment. In front of the camera, behind the scenes, shuffling the paper and signing the contracts. They live here too!

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These Games We Play

Explore the sporting side of our province, Through stories and interviews we will celebrate those whose accomplishments have been recorded!

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Wild Oats

Farming is the backbone of Manitoba. Without it, nothing would be here. We journey beyond the perimeter to find out how it works and the people who live the life!

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