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Eps#1 - The Manitobaville Teaser


Hi there, Welcome to the Podcast!

On Manitobaville we're going to look at what makes the keystone province special, different, better, worse, interesting, boring, whatev...  We're going to go into the field. We're going to talk with people, we're going to walk with people. We're going to have long conversations. We're going to see what makes this province tick, how it's seen from afar, how we see it from within,  how it's run, how it's worked, how it's made, shaped... delivered!

Manitoba is the gateway to the west. You can't get from there to there without going through, over, under, or around us. We're here. Get used to it. It's just the way it is.

So! Visit Manitobaville.ca and make a story suggestion and a donation! All money goes toward the show and we will love you for it!!!