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Its the Second Episode of our Second Season and we’re starting to feel our oats ! Come on down and rest yourself against a stack of hay and we’ll tell you a story . A story of what goes on out there beyond the perimeter . A land unknown to some and more than a reality to others. Some come from it and some go to it . Either way we all end up in our own hall of fame! Some by way of the three tine pitchfork and some by way of a piece of lumber, better known as the hockey stick…

So stick around and have a little listen . Get involved . Make a donation . Stop by the O Station, Cafe, that is… Tell us a story and we’ll get it out there . Far and wide

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The Manitoba Sports Hall of Fame for celebrating those farm-fed athletes! for giving us an orbital object

Season 2 - Pilot

Viva! ManitobavilleComment

Season Two is upon us!

Enter a new look, new sound and new style… we have a lot in store for you, so stay tuned, subscribe, rate, and review!

Thank you, Manitoba! From all of us at The Manitobaville Podcast Network…

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Show #24

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DJ & Mihangel kick things off at AWC Business Centre where Action Flooring is launching the Action Display Centre.  Our first chat is with (6:00) Aaron Berthelette of Bokeh Planning who uses Automated Marketing to help focus your marketing leads. Then Mihangel heads over to Confusion Corner to meet (17:00) Jonathan Tkatchuk who is launching WorkStation in the new development at 265 Osborne St, Winnipeg. Then it’s off to the Norwood Santa Lucia to meet (47:00) Don Fletcher of Bond Invention House who invented Nice Trim Fit, a permanent watertight solution to mold, mildew & leaks. Finally, the guys wrap things up with (1:07:00) an AWC Dream Home Podcast Promo at the Action Flooring / Display Centre grand opening. Shout out to Habitat for Humanity and the ReStore!

Show #23

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Jake MacDonald takes us to his onstage cottage at Royal MTC to discuss the peculiarities of cottage life and ownership. He is a fantastic author of books, articles and plays - his work has been turned into motion pictures - and Jake is one of the nicest people you could ever hope to spend time with on the porch!

Dustin Peltier and Rachel Isaak are local Chef’s who have moved up the food chain. By caring about the food that we all enjoy, they put in the time and effort to learn the fine art of REAL MILK® cheese making from the Master himself… Brother Alberic of the Trappist Monks at Holland, Manitoba. This age-old technique will lead to the production of every cheese imaginable, with the real taste that cheese deserves!

Ask for Prairie Tradition Cheese at your local grocery!

and Vote REAL MILK®

Oska the Great Grey Owl and James Duncan join us for a short chat about Owls, their habits, and their habitat. It’s a short chat that deserves a follow-up conversation! Maybe we’ll make it a live event where you can see this beautiful creature up-close!

Show #22

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go jets go talkin' jets blues winnipeg manitoba manitobaville podcast the pumps orphan success miracle lonely all night predictions.JPG

Chris Burke-Gaffney, live to tape and back again… it’s the Talkin’ Jets Blues and all things in between, to hockey and around the horn with the hits and rock’n’roll experiences of the last of the good ol' days to hitting the charts, big time!

We hear some good advice on anthems, too loud McPA’s and ways to move on to the second round with our sanity and the white-out intact, loud and proud!

The prediction will follow as a bonus episode, so keep your trigger finger loaded and your eyes on the prize (we don’t have one, but you can see Chris play with Harlequin on various Canadian dates, and The Pumps/Orphans on March 19 at Nashvilles on Regent)!

Welcome to the blizzard of odds…

Show #21

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lagioia and klein bespoke tailor shop manitobaville podcast the reveal custom made suit.JPG

The Fitting! It’s all coming together at Lagioia and Klein Bespoke Tailor Shop - we drop by for the final reveal of DJ’s bespoke suit and it looks FANTASTIC!!!

Nicholas has not only created a beautiful suit that fits DJ like a glove, but he has manufactured a smile that has not left DJ’s face from the first moment he laid eyes on it.

Listen in as we talk all things Bespoke with Nicholas Klein of Lagioia and Klein Bespoke Tailor Shop… 458 Academy Rd, Wpg, MB

Show #20

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Take a trip out west with us to Inglis, Manitoba where we find Erna Karcher of Freefield Organics to learn about Camelina Oil and we head into Inglis to hold the most recent conversation in a grain buyers office and catch up on all the news about the Inglis Elevators National Historic Site.

Both of these interviews can be found in their expanded form on the Wild Oats Podcast…

Show #19

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royal manitoba winter fair brandon manitoba manitobaville open farm day.JPG

Royal Manitoba Winter Fair - It’s time to head on down to Brandon for a day or three and see the best that rural Manitoba has to offer!

Ron Kristjansson, General Manager of the Provincial Exhibition of Manitoba, filled us in on this years fair and gave us some solid tips on what to see.

We will be there, meeting the hosts, exhibitors, vendors and taking you inside the fair and behind the scenes to see what all goes into making the fair an exciting and colourful event…

Show #18

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DJ fitting Lagioia and Klein bespoke tailor winnipeg manitoba manitobaville.jpg

DJ visits Lagioia and Klein Bespoke Tailor Shop to meet with Nicholas Klein and Giovanni Lagioia, for the fitting of his custom-tailored suit!

Listen in and learn about bespoke and the men behind the craft of custom-tailored suits.

Giovanni Lagioia learned the craft as a 9 year-old apprentice in his native Italy. At the age of 20 he emigrated to Winnipeg and has created bespoke suits his whole life…

Show #17

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time lapse escape room winnipeg manitoba manitobaville.PNG

There is No Escape!!! Well, actually there is… but not from listening to Mihangel & DJ talk to Ashley from Time Lapse Escape Room. The clock is running - so start now, and see if you can beat our record!

And, for 20% off your next Escape; Visit TimeLapseEscape,com and use Promo Code: Manitobaville Podcast

Show #16

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manitobaville le Musée Laitier du Manitoba Dairy Museum of Manitoba cows milk dairy St Claude Philippot Farm.PNG

Got Milk?

Do you know how big the dairy industry is in Manitoba? Ever wonder about how Milk gets from the cow to your favourite grocery store? Come with us to the Musée Laitier Manitoba Dairy Museum in St Claude and then to the Philippot Farm to see how your milk moustache is made…

Show #14

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episode #14 lagioia and klein bespoke tailor shop winnipeg manitobaville podcast suit.JPG

The word bespoke is most known for its "centuries-old relationship" with tailor-made suits, but the Oxford English Dictionary also ties the word to shoemaking in the mid-1800s. Although it is now used as an adjective, it was originally used as the past participle of bespeak.

And, although this podcast episode was custom-made, we won’t jump on the bandwagon by calling it bespoke, we will be leaving that term to Nicholas Klein, Bespoke Tailor and all around well-spoken gentleman.

Show #11

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Meghan Kjartanson leads a monumental discussion on Manitoba’s statues and monuments… Her book, Monumental Manitoba is coming out this spring and so is the companion podcast… Get ready to hit the road this summer to take in some of the most spectacular man-made objects this province knows!!!

Specialsode #1

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Beth Martens is our first Specialsode guest. Beth has a story that makes you sit back and reconsider life, the universe, and everything. What is our true self? When did we start constructing the masks and cloaking devices that helped us get through growing up, deal with the grown-up world of work and expectations and make us who others think we are? And when did we start removing them in order to regain control over our mental health and rediscover our true archetype?

Well, Beth asked for a way out of her situation, and what she got is now the next hours traffick of our stage…

Show #10

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DJ & Mihangel wonder if Hal Anderson and Laurie Mustard will make the plunge and be interviewed for the show… then they discuss all things archetype because Beth Martens is on our first Specialsode (which is the next episode) to talk about the near-death experience that propelled her into rediscovering her true self. Then we are joined by metal band Unsilenced to talk all things heavy in the local music scene, and rap/soul/rock musician Aaron Marshall Clarke to learn why he moved to Winnipeg after growing up in Saskatoon and spending time in the Calgary music scene… remember to help us achieve our goals for the Major Award giveaway, and to get involved with our ongoing mission to find the most interesting stories in Manitoba!

Show #9

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The Guys chat about not seeing Crazy Horse or interviewing Neil Young… the Major Award qualifying procedure and meet The Excellent Adventures of Ben and Van Gogh (full interview on Woodshedding) as well as chatting with writer/director/drummer Cam Patterson (full interview on Cinépeg) about entering the film industry vortex.