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It's cold here: where the rivers meet in the middle of the Prairies . It's a place where people are from . It's a place where ideas are formed . Where notes swirl into song . Where words are placed on paper, organized, and turned into poetry . Prose .  Where paint mingles in glorious colour, becoming visual stories . Where installation art is sourced, fabricated and breathed life into . To be from here is to be understood . To be respected . To be admired 

Ideas begin with vision . Vision becomes reality . And reality becomes legend . We believe in legend . We believe in this Prairie Town . We live here . We feel the vibration that feeds the creative spirit . And . We understand it . We know to let it be . We know to let it mature into a living being . We know why people are drawn to great ideas . Art . Music . And we help them grow . Nurturing . Shaping . Until they are ready to move . To wander the wild world . Born . Of this place

We believe in vision . Infusing old concepts with new ideas . With style . With grace . Creating new paradigms . We believe our world can be redefined . And should be

                                      What We're All About is turning out to be one of those epiphanies that is so simple that a universe of explanation is sometimes required . essentially, it's a place where the stories of the 99% are told . people who aren't famous, or popular or recognized coast-to-coast-to-coast but who make unique, quiet contributions to the great humanity machine . split in many parts, neighbours, artists, musicians, places, things & businesses can be profiled . the profiles themselves are multi-disciplined, words, video, photography, and the audio podcast . a profile may contain any or all elements . as we gather these stories we will be passing through areas that have interesting places to visit, hike, discover and things that are of interest . things that will be of interest to those who want to visit, or revisit . and therefore of importance to the local people whose economy appreciates the business

the site is an outgrowth of our desire to just create and utilize the skills that we have banked up over the past decades . the most important of which is communicating with people and finding out their stories with gentle understanding and curious insight that inspires the questions that they want to respond to . to find that we all just want someone to look us in the eye, ask us what we are doing, and show that they care and understand . everyone has a lifetime of experiences that are very important to them . and having someone listen, if just for an hour or two, can give a validation that brings the most amazing energy . a new glint in the eye . a smile that wasn't there before . the knowledge that their contributions and uniqueness will be revealed as a positive and redemptive factor in their community

with multi-disciplinary skills being the key to bringing the stories to the video segment and podcast . and, as any camera-person will tell you "to become a better videographer, editing your own material (which we have) will vastly improve the quality of your visual work" . so, bringing this to the table . iphones . compact cameras . microphones and lights that run off batteries . a complete editing suite in laptops instead of rooms in buildings . all of these make the gathering, producing and delivery possible from anywhere at anytime . versus the constant returning to home-base 

we suppose that it's about the lack of capital letters at the beginning of sentences . and the space preceding the period . the room to ponder . and visualize how we see others . the world . ourselves ? the lack of periods at the end of paragraphs . because there is no end . just the flow and continuity of discovery and re-discovery

so as the new, compact  generation of media tools meets the varied generations of peoples, places & thingsies, we are able to easily use the fore to fit the latter into a small unassuming website that can be viewed by the unlimited

thanks for signing up for the newsletter . it will be intermittent . but whenever something new pops up on the site, we will be giving a heads up

and it has been interesting talking about the site to people . there is always a thoughtful period and then suggestions are made about who would make an interesting profile . and how those approached to be profiled think about what i am doing and take a very introspective tack and lean into a specific area of what they do that is very personal to them . the one thing that drives them . the impetus that started their ball rolling that has been somewhat lost in the flurry of activity . something that the casual or even interested viewer might not readily notice . or that the person may find difficult to even talk about or think important

there's a lot of lost stories out there 


anyway, we hope this finds you busy and helpful to those you work, and play with . and that it provides the necessary insight . if it doesn't just ask again and we'll take another crack at it


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