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The Manitobaville Podcast - Show #5 Danny Schur discusses the years leading up to the penning of the stage musical ‘STRIKE’ and the process of adapting it to the big screen as the motion picture ‘STAND!’


The Manitobaville Podcast

DJ & Mihangel cover all the goings-on in Manitoba. With commentary, interviews and updates on what happened, what’s happening and what’s going to happen!

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Making it takes a long time (some would say 10,000 hours to start!) and a lot of Manitobans have made it locally and globally! Join us as we meet them!

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The imanitoba Show

Manitoba’s premier business network for MK Global Trade members. Meet the people and companies that are Building a Better Tomorrow Today!

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The Keystone

Revisit those that have come before. From the naming of Lake Manitoba by the indigenous peoples to the abandoned building that dot the landscape!

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Discover the literature of Manitoba! Meet the authors and intrepid publishers, working in words, that bring the written word to life, and then to a bookstore near you!

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These Games We Play

Explore the sporting side of our province, Through stories and interviews we will celebrate those whose accomplishments have been recorded!

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A rich history that spans thousands of years is what makes our province special. We want you to meet everyone and hear every story…

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Four seasons, landscape, the urge to enjoy nature in solitude and with friends! By land, water, air and rail, we can take you along…

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Bombers, Jets, Plows, Baseball, Athletics, we welcome and engage in all types of competition… We will introduce you to the stories behind the score…

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