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Scene III

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Gen X Generation X Post Baby Boomers Pre Millennial Post This Pre That Never Us - Rick Miller explores the conundrum of living in an age where jobs became disposable news cranked out of the glowing machines 24/7 and the internet became our new home away from home away from reality in a way that we still can’t comprehend and try our best to ignore with visions of an ever diminishing nature for our retreat think but can we overcome will the reasons be introduced with the truth of the never coming always just ahead apocalypse?

Who knows, but we had a great chat about his special Manitoba connection.

Meet Rick Miller…

Scene II

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Drummer, Writer, Director Cam Patterson is in the midst of a well-timed career arc. He is ready to step onto the international stage with a finely tuned sense of who he is and what he wants to accomplish. But, with all things, the future is unwritten. No Spoilers!!!

Scene I

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Danny Schur talks about overcoming the challenges that face the modern filmmaker. Through adapting the stage musical Strike! into the cinematic musical Stand! Danny has become proficient in the ways and means of putting a major motion picture on its feet…